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The PX200 is back !!!!!

The legendary PX200 was discontinued in 2002, the unfortunate victim of ever stringent emmision laws leaving only the 125cc version available to purchase.

New 200cc engines were still available for a short period, but quickly sold out and became ever more scarce, leaving the only alternative as an expensive build from scratch or taking your chances on E-bay with a second hand one. In 2010, Piaggio ceased production of the 200cc crankcases making new engine builds impossible.
That seemed to have sealed the 200′s fate.

However, a couple of years ago, Italian tuning giant Malossi acquired the tooling and started to re-manufacture the PX200 engine casings, once again making new engine building an option.

Despite the PX200 being a “dead” model for over twelve years, it is still suprising how many phone calls we still receive, enquiring if the scooter can still be bought new.
With such demand still apparent, we decided to look into building a new engine. The main problem we faced was the overall cost of all the parts required, which would run well over the £2000 mark at current list prices, meaning supplying either a new engine or complete scooter, would be prohibitively expensive.

The only viable solution was to base the conversion on an existing new PX125, so that all the common shared parts (ignition system, gearbox parts etc) could be used, keeping the cost down.

The result is a brand new PX200 with all the performance advantages over a 125 or 150cc, but still offering all the reliability, convenience and economy that only a standard scooter can. The savings on using common parts means we can also lower the price by a thousand pounds to £4499.

One available to buy now, in Midnight Blue, brand new. Also available to order in all current colour’s or as a Ron Daley Special Edition.

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Better get a Vespa

So far, so good we might (just) dare say, nearly half way through the month of March and the sun is shining, lighter nights are round the corner and there actually does seem to be some real confidence returning to the economy. I’m not basing this wildly positive notion on having just listened to David Cameron on the radio, his mate George in charge of the pennies or any of the other bean counters, statisticians or pundits down in Westminster.

No, all this is based on the ever popular and incomparable, Vespa PX.

We noticed back in the depressingly cold and unfriendly months of November and December, that although things had quietened down a bit, as they always do in the two wheeled trade(something to do with wind, rain and cold I think), our PX sales were still trundling along very nicely, to the tune that we sold three times the amount of them in that period, compared to 2012!!

Things were looking quite positive for 2014 then, but having been through the roller coaster ride that was the last five years of recession, we’ve had a few false dawns before, only to be dashed on the rocks of a load of rain, snow and a rubbish month to follow (is three cliches enough in one sentence ?).

But no, (really cross those fingers now…) still so far, so good. Its not even half way through March 2014 and already we’ve sold nearly as many PX150′s as we sold in the whole of 2013, not bad considering the 150cc is usually a niche model in the shadow of the PX125, on account of the 125cc learner laws. But, sticking up for itself just as well and not half way through this month, we have sold two and a half times as many PX125 models as we did throughout January, February and March of 2013 !!

We always try very hard to please and go the extra mile for our customers, in the hope and belief that word of mouth is simply the best way of promoting what you do and how you do it. It seems to be paying off…

Whatever is happening out there, a lot of people, from all over the country, seem to want to get their hands on a geared scooter (THE geared scooter) and by paying just a fraction of the cost of a new Mini, Beetle or even a Fiat 500, you get a brilliant bit of transport that is more economical, practical and iconic, than any of them.

Better get a Vespa, as someone once said…

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