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Low Deposit - Low 8.9% APR also available, please enquire for details.

Brand new Vespa PX200. Available in all colours.  200cc conversion using all brand new Genuine Vespa parts. The scooter will be registered new as a 125cc upon purchase, with all supporting documentation of the conversion, so the V5 registration document can be amended with the DVLA.

The legendary PX200 was discontinued in 2002, the victim of ever stringent emmision laws leaving only the 125cc version available to purchase.

New 200cc engines were still available for a short period, but quickly sold out and became ever more scarce, leaving the only alternative as an expensive build from scratch or taking your chances on E-bay with a second hand one. In 2010, Piaggio ceased production of the 200cc crankcases making new engine builds impossible. That seemed to have sealed the 200's fate.

However, a couple of years ago, Italian tuning giant Malossi acquired the tooling and started to re-manufacture the PX200 engine casings, once again making new engine building an option. 

Despite the PX200 being a dead model for over twelve years, it is still suprising how many phone calls we still receive, enquiring if the scooter can still be bought new. With such demand still apparent, we decided to look into building a new engine. The main problem we faced was the overall cost of all the parts required, which would run well over the £2000 mark at current list prices, meaning supplying either a new engine or complete scooter, would be prohibitively expensive.

The only viable solution was to base the conversion on an existing new PX125, so that all the common shared parts (ignition system, gearbox parts etc) could be used, keeping the cost down. 

The result is a brand new PX200 with all the performance advantages over  a 125 or 150cc, but still offering all the reliability, convenience and economy that only a standard scooter can. 

Please note we don't always have stock readily available but can build the colour of your choice to order usually within 10/12 weeks, get in touch for more details on a delivery date.

Nationwide delivery is available on all our scooters. We use our own vans and drivers and offer full instruction and advice on your new scooter upon delivery to your door. We take care of all the paperwork, including registering and taxing your new vehicle and supply it full of fuel and ready to go !!

If you would like a quotation for delivery, please include your postcode with your enquiry.

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