MOTOTEC STREETPRO Ester Fully Synthetic 2-Stroke Oil - 12PCS

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MOTOTEC STREETPRO Ester Fully Synthetic 2-Stroke Oil - 12PCS

A highly-advanced fully synthetic two stroke oil for use in classic, modern, high-speed and high-performance two stroke engines. Specially developed with unique additive technology and synergistically combining our Ester Driven Technology to provide improved lubricity, reduce friction and wear on engine components whilst promoting clean burning performance. Laboratory tribological testing and extensive real-life trials have achieved excellent results in both motorcycles and scooters. Ideal for use in stock and highly tuned engines.

    • Clean burn characteristics reduce carbon build-up, preventing piston ring sticking & reduce smoke emissions.
    • Excellent deposit and wear control.
    • Exceptional film strength in high-heat, high-rpm engines.
    • Power protection formulation provides superior protection against piston seizure, even at high temperatures when tested with very low oiling rates.
    • Readily miscible in petrol.


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