Aprilia SR GT 125 Sport E5 - STREET GOLD 2024 £250 Saving Upon Registration


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Aprilia is one of the most victorious brands in motorcycle racing history, having won an astonishing 54 world titles in its career. These are championship wreaths that Aprilia has won from 1992 to the present day, 28 of which have been achieved since 2005, when the Manufacturer from Noale joined the Piaggio Group.

An unstoppable force in urban commuting and ready for adventures out of town, the SR GT is agile, sporty and able to take on anything with its long-stroke suspension and sculpted wheels. Protective, functional and offering an active ride that ensures improved control on the road, this is a bike that makes riding fun and dynamic wherever you go.

Cutting-edge engine

Its modern i-get engine delivers outstanding performance with the lively 125 producing 11 kW and the new 200 an impressive 13 kW for smooth and agile riding in all conditions. Both versions are equipped with Start & Stop RISS.


The SR GT features a suspension package with a larger diameter than its closest rivals. The long stroke calibration allows greater control on all types of terrain, for improved comfort, handling and safety.

Wave brake disc

For more efficient, smooth and improved braking, regardless of road surface conditions.

Full LED lights

LED daytime lights offer excellent visibility even in poorly-lit conditions.

Protective front

Inspired by endurance bikes, the double fairing with suspended windshield delivers outstanding aerodynamic protection even when dashing around town in daily traffic.


The sporting soul of the SR GT is clear at a glance, with gritty, original lines, sporty finishing details, high-quality materials and Italian style. The wide naked handlebar is pure motorcycle while the double-cradle steel frame and noteworthy suspension adjustment create a distance of just 175 mm from the ground, making it fast, agile and absolutely unstoppable when it comes to obstacles.

The Aprilia SR GT is more than capable of taking on urban traffic, with nothing getting in its way. Long-stroke suspension softens the blow of pot holes around town and ensures supreme comfort on longer trips, while the wave brake discs make for efficient braking in any situation. In short, this is a scooter that transforms even the shortest ride into a fun-filled adventure.

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