Vespa GTS 125 Super Sport RST22 - Grigio Travolgente 2024 £500 Saving Upon Registration

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Vespa GTS125 Super Sport RST22 

Eye-catching design

The Vespa GTS SuperSport comes in a generous range of glossy and matt colour schemes, with carbon-look inserts and shiny black detailing that is the perfect accent to whichever livery you choose. There are plenty of additional touches and sporty-style graphics, while its comfy seat is upholstered in high-quality material and features contrast stitching. 

Vespa MIA as standard

The standard equipment of the Vespa GTS SuperSport includes the connectivity system Vespa MIA. This system allows you to connect, via Bluetooth, your smartphone to the electronic system on board. This system will not only give you access to trip statistics but also allows you to make and receive phone calls, receive text messages and manage your playlist without removing your hands from the handlebar.

Always ready for action

The 125cc i-get engine with Regulator Inverter Start & Stop System is ideal if you often find yourself in busy traffic or in “stop and go” situations. It delivers a smooth and versatile ride with a fast restart, and the information provided by the analogue LCD instrument panel adds to the enjoyment of your daily urban adventures.


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