MOTOTEC Trans 10W-30 (75-85W) Gear Oil - 12 PCS

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MOTOTEC Trans 10W-30 (75-85W) Gear Oil - 12 PCS

A durable semi synthetic transmission oil based on a blend of high-performance synthetic oils, high-quality mineral base stocks and synergistically combining our Adaptive Molecular Technology to further enhance the efficiency and rideability of your motorcycle. Offers superb lubricity and anti-wear protection to minimise wear throughout the drivetrain. Extensive field trials have shown an excellent wet clutch response with easier and smoother gear shifts.

    • Exceptional anti-wear properties.
    • Excellent oxidation & thermal stability.
    • Good shear stability to prevent viscosity break down.
    • JASO MA2 guarantees clutch engagement during starting, acceleration & constant speed.
    • Provides protection to the gearset & wet clutch, even under demanding conditions.
    • Proven trials demonstate sustained acceleration & improved drivability.
    • Suitable for use with motorcycles, scooters & ATV/quad bikes.
    • Suitable for both Vespa Automatic Gear Boxes and Piaggio Automatic Gear Boxes
    • 12 PCS


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