Electric Piaggio 1 Active - Arctic Mix 2024


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Piaggio 1 Active Euro 5 - Arctic Mix.

The Active version of Piaggio 1 is capable of a maximum of 37mph. The range is up to 85Km* in ECO mode (up to 66Km in WMTC testing condition), while the driving experience is always immediate and electrifying. This version also stands out thanks to the red friezes on the rear swingarm, an aesthetic detail that underlines its even more decisive and sophisticated character.

Innovative, Easy & Comfortable

Piaggio 1 is the only e-scooter in its category to offer a significant load capacity, with an under-saddle compartment capable of accommodating a Full Jet helmet. Great attention has also been paid to ergonomics with the saddle-footrest-handlebar triangle. These measures create a comfortable riding position and are complemented by the spacious footrest and sturdy removable passenger footboards. There is also a practical bag hook and a USB socket in the leg shield back plate, with a waterproof rubber cover.

An unmistakable look

Piaggio 1 is at the forefront of electric mobility and has been created in high quality materials . Attention to detail such as the hexagonal motif, inspired by the Piaggio logo and the double upholstery of the saddle give a stylish look which is finished in a quality gloss.

The vanguard of e-mobility

Boasting a 5.5 ”colour LCD digital display that is always readable thanks to the twilight sensor that adapts the background and colour of the characters according to the detected light conditions. The information is shown with a simple graphic layout but with a great aesthetic impact. Also, thanks to the lightness of the modern lithium-ion battery and an efficient kinetic energy recovery system (KERS, Kinetic Energy Recovery System) that recharges during deceleration phases, all versions of Piaggio 1 guarantee excellent autonomy.

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