Electric Piaggio 1 - Forever White OFFER VALID UNTIL 31st December 2023

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Piaggio 1 Euro 5 - Forever White

 Introducing Piaggio 1, a new generation of E-Scooters that enables you to experience the city without emissions, but with all the quality, technology and safety that Piaggio scooters are renowned for. This new scooter from Piaggio offers all the typical components that you would expect from a premium scooter: attractive design and attention to detail, refined chassis, handling and a generous load capacity. It is a new and exciting way to make a difference, it is a silent scooter with a removable battery, making your commute easier and 100% electric.

Designed with the upmost comfort in mind.

Whatever your riding experience Piaggio 1 offers an easy transport solution.

Forget having to wait for fuel, recharge at your convenience and enjoy your commute.


Piaggio 1 is available in two different versions. The standard model offers a top speed of 28mph and a range up to 55Km* of autonomy in ECO mode (up to 43Km in WMTC testing condition). There is also, the Piaggio 1 Active model which boasts a maximum speed of 37 mph, the range is up to 85Km* in ECO mode (up to 66Km in WMTC testing condition)

*The measured data are based on road test at constant speed and can be affected by different conditions such as load, temperature, wind speed, road surface and operating habits.

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