Piaggio Vespa Clustershaft (Input Shaft) Roller Bearings PX, T5, Cosa, VBA, Super, Rally

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Piaggio Vespa Clustershaft (Input Shaft) Roller Bearing PX, T5, Cosa, VBA, Super, Rally

The roller bearings are fitted to the input shaft inside of the Clustershaft! This bearing was first seen in around 1982, when the more modern designed p-range was first introduced!  Many earlier models like the Super and VBB models were fitted with pointed Roller Bearings, but are now unavailable to buy. We would recommend replacing the input shaft as well as the roller bearings and clustershaft bearing to match both parts correctly. But not only that, you may find pitting and wear on the shaft, which are main indicators to change the parts. 

Struggling to fit them? A spot of grease on the shaft before fitting the roller bearings will make the job easier. 

  • 2x11,8 mm
  • round ends
  • 21 in this kit 

Comparison No. 002457 (PIAGGIO)

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