Rock Oil DOT 5.1 Universal Hydraulic Brake & Clutch Fluid (500ml)


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Rock Oil Dot 4 Brake and Clutch Fluid
Universal Hydraulic Fluid

Suitable for use in all motor vehicles and motorcycles made in the UK, USA, Europe and Japan
It cannot be used in Citroen or other vehicles requiring mineral based fluids
Mixes safely with the SAE J1703, DOT 3, DOT 4 and DOT 5.1 brake fluids
DOT 5.1 is designed to meet the stringent demands of the following specifications:
SAE J1703, SAE J 1704
US FMVSS 116 DOT 5.1, DOT 4 AND DOT 3.
ISO 4925

Manufactured in the UK
Size: 500ml

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