Vespa Elettrica 70 KM/H - Azzurro Elettrico 2024

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Vespa Elettrica Azzurro Elettrico

With the Vespa Elettrica you can negotiate the city streets in absolute silence, regardless of whether you opt for the Eco energy-saving mode or opt for the Power setting.  Either way as you ride around town the absence of acoustic pollution will ensure you enjoy your ride to the max.

Get around without a care

Designed to make life simple in everyway, easy to ride and a doddle to recharge, the Elettrica is a dream.

The reverse gear option is another helpful feature meaning that you can negotiate parking spaces with ease.  Recharging of the battery is just as easy through the under seat cable which is compatible with wall-mounted sockets or public charging points.  When it comes to reliability you can count on the engine and high quality lithium-ion battery.

Enjoy infotainment on the go

The digital colour TFT dashboard provides all your riding data as well as useful trip stats to help you perfect your riding style. The Vespa MIA multi-media app connect your smartphone to the bike via Bluetooth, meaning you can use your phone in total safety without taking your hands off the handlebar.

Reinvent your style

When you’re considered an innovative role model, you need to always stay a step ahead. Vespa offers two versions of the Elettrica with its new silver-plated look, each able to be customised to reflect the rider’s style. For urbanites, there is the 45 km/hour option, available in four colour variants, whilst riders who are looking for greater power can enjoy up to 67 km/hour and a choice of four colours.


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