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BGM Vespa Inner Tube

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{Description}Art No. RD8700L
BGM Vespa PX Inner Tube

BGM inner tubes have been produced according to specifications to meet the demands of Vespa and Lambretta scooters. The butyl ratio is above 50%, which makes them extremely airtight and incredibly reliable The BGM Inner tube is a standard Right Angled tube that is specific for the PX wheel. The Valve has to be angled so when checking and inflating tyres, the end of the pressure gauge can be connected correctly, so that the valve doesnt make contact with the front brake calliper.

Comparison Part No.650028M (PIAGGIO)

Size: 3.50-10 Inner Tube

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Vespa P125/Vespa PX125 (1998-Onwards)
Vespa P150/Vespa PX150 (1998-Onwards)
Vespa PX 200 1998-2005)
Vespa T5 (1985-1995)

Any Scooter which uses a 3.50-10 tyre/Wheel