Malossi Brake Power Disc Malossi Brake Power Brake DiscMalossi Brake Power Brake Disc

Malossi Brake Power Disc

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{Description}Art No. RD629078
Vespa PX Brake Disc

The Vespa Brake Disc first came into production in 1998. The Disc can work with either the Grimeca and Hengtong Brake Systems! This brake disc can ALSO fit a variety of different models also.

Malossi has designed and developed this brake disc for the latest generation of scooters.
This brake disc represents the highest technology in the industry:
*cut with a laser to respect the strict tolerances imposed
the friction surfaces must respect very strict parallel and roughness tolerances
*the ventilation holes have been developed to ensure constant performance even under extreme conditions.
*Special stainless steel expressly formulated and developed to create the Brake Power Discs, to ensure:
*high resistance, to achieve thinner and hence lighter discs
absolute resistance to corrosion, atmospheric agents and wear
high friction coefficient to allow extraordinary braking efficiency and smooth brake progression.

Comparison Part No. 629078 (MALOSSI) -63246 - 274214 - 56395R (PIAGGIO), C-3721415 (LML)

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Vespa PX 125-200 E `98/MY
/Primavera/Sprint 50-150ccm
/LML Star 125-200 2T/4T,
also for GRIMECA Classic NT