Vespa PX 200 Front Hub Bearing & Seal Kit

Vespa PX 200 Front Hub Bearing & Seal Kit

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{Description}Art No. RDBFBSKT
Vespa PX Front Hub Bearing & Seal KIT

The Vespa PX Front Hub has changed over the years, either in style or configuration to accomadate either a Disc or brake shoes. Why do you have to change these bearing and seals? Bearings can wear due to inadequate road conditions and heavy loads on the front of the scooter, and seals may become worn due to grit and muck from the road! its good to check your bearings on the front for free play or take to it to you local government testing centre to double check if your scooter is road legal.

This Package Contains:
RDB96-2/006635 Front Hub Circlip
RDB96-3/177443 Front Hub Oil Seal
RDB910/177610 Front Hub Bearing
RDB97/ 177442 Front Hub Roller Bearing

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