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Race Glaze White Wall Tyre Cleaner & Brush

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{Description}Race Glaze White Wall Tyre Cleaner:

The dual action formula first cleans the dirt and road film from the tyre, then goes on to penetrate the pores of the white rubber, releasing the ground in dirt and grime.
The advanced formula cleans evenly, removing stains and kerb gouge debris, leaving a beautiful bright white satin finish. Just spray, agitate and rinse.

Suitable for thoroughly cleaning black wall tyres too, removing brown staining. Fitted with an economical ´mist spray´. Superb on American, classic British, custom and other cars with whitewall tyres. Proven on wedding cars, hotrods, Harley-Davidsons, pre-and post War classics.

Race Glaze Tyre Cleaning Brush:
Soft natural bristle wheel brush for agitating cleaning solution in diffuclt recesses on the face an round spokes on all alloy and wire wheels. Durable and flexible.
Made from soft natural bristle in a secure chemical-reistant collar, long handle with hanging hole. Also highly useful for many other detailing tasks. You will only receive 1 brush.
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