Vespa Fuel Tank Nut Tool

Vespa Fuel Tank Nut Tool

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{Description}Art No. RDF56
Fuel Tank Nut Tool

The Vespa Fuel Tank nut tool is universal for most Large Frame models (see linked vehicles for correct fitment). This item is to extract the Fuel tank nut from the Fuel tap.

Comparison Part No. 0032973 (PIAGGIO) - BGM3035 (BGM)

Size: 32mm

{Linked Vehicles}

Vespa Cosa (1990-1996)
Vespa P125/Vespa PX125 (1981-Onwards)
Vespa P150/Vespa PX150 (1978-Onwards)
Vespa PX 200/200 E (1977-2005)
Vespa T5 (1985-1995)
LML 2T Models
LML 4T Models

Vespa PK XL, PK XL2, Largeframe PX, LML Star/Stella, T5, Sprint, GT, GTR, TS, Super (VNC/VBC), GL, VBB, VNB3-6T, Wideframe V1-V33, VN, VL, VM, GS150, ACMA, Hoffmann